Order Confirmation Email - 75% get stuck in client filters

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Order Confirmation Email - 75% get stuck in client filters #4706

I have been struggling with this problem since around 4-6 months. I have a managed VPS server and the technical crew had done all in their power to figure out, why almost all the order confirmation Email get stuck in people's Spam filters. Last place to check is the content of the E-mails being sent to customers from Virtuemart.

What do you think? Have you heard from someone else having this problem. For instance, hotmail addresses are completely impossible to reach their inboxes. All end up in spambox.

I have checked in any possible way, if my IP is blacklisted, and no, it isn't. The team that manages my vps, even tested changing the IP. Same problem, When testing at www.mail-tester.com I get a score of 9/10.

You did some changes (I liked them) in the look of the order confirmation E-mails - I wonder if it could be here the problem lies.


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