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Menu items in cluster - offcanvas menu #4178
Hi Mani, sorry to say. Menu items are still in cluster @ the offcanvas menu.
I you click on the cluster, nothing happens. If you click on the menu title, offcanvas closes and you are transfered to the 'all categories' page. (This actually sometimes happen in desktop display too, when clicking on an item, but only when clicking too fast after drop down - or in some other way you stress the browser. Added this info, if it might help in search for problem)

The offcanvas menu, I cannot stress it enough, it is very important, since around 50% visitors use mobiles as platforms.
I would be most grateful if you could take a look at this issue as rapidly as possible.
(VMuikit 3.2.2 from yesterday is installed)



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Menu items in cluster - offcanvas menu #4182
Its worked fine in our demo servers. We checked in Your site. Little strange. we changed some code for your site.
Please download latest files and Use.
The following user(s) said Thank You betterlead

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