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vmuikit 3.0.5 loading message etc #2681
Dear all

Joomla 3.4.3
VM 3.0.9
Template : Yoo Moreno

Two interconnected problems

1. Styling of the Popup

Trying to style the "Processing.." Popup box when the size of the screen is "small" (on a mobile for example) - the popup is too narrow, floating on the left ... brrr not good.
=> I try changing
<div id="loadingmsg" class="uk-width-1-3 uk-push-1-3 uk-panel uk-panel-box" >
from default.php template of the onepage cart to say
<div id="loadingmsg" class="uk-width-1-2 uk-push-1-2 uk-panel uk-panel-box" >
the popup becomes larger when screen is small, but explodes without control when the screen is medium / large
adding some class like uk-width-small-1-1 does not help at all.

How can I style it in "Uikit" way? (e.g. with general classes?)

2. Crashing of Cart
Annoyed with the issue above, I REMOVE the whole set of code

<div id="overlaydiv" class="overlaycss"> <!-- OVERLAY CSS DIV START -->
<div id="loadingmsg" class="uk-width-1-3 uk-push-1-3 uk-panel uk-panel-box" >
<h3 class="uk-h3 uk-text-primary">
if($params->get("loadingmsg") != "")
echo $params->get("loadingmsg");
echo "Processing... ";
<div class="uk-progress uk-progress-striped uk-active">
<div class="uk-progress-bar uk-text-center" style="width: 100%;">Loading...</div>
</div><!-- OVERLAY CSS DIV END -->

=> No more popup!, but now a more structural issue appears: deleting from cart quickly in sequence crashes the cart.

E.g: try removing the processing overlay (e.g. comment out the code above) , then try adding three or four products to the cart, then , when on the checkout page, remove them sequentially very quickly. In doing so you manage to "crash" the cart: the final "Continue Shopping" page is not triggered, and while it looks like the products have been deleted, the total prices are not removed; refreshing the page brings the products back.

Advice is very welcome


Giacomo Bruzzo

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3 years 11 months ago
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vmuikit 3.0.5 loading message etc #2742
We used default uikit style for popup
if you want to change style of popup, Please use our custom development form for assist you.


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