VirtueMart Electroneum Prices
Latest Version: 1.1

Changelog Version: 1.1

  • Currency Conversation Issues Fixed

Show Electroneum (ETN) prices in your VirtueMart eCommerce site. Plugins displays automatically prices on the product details and cart page of VirtueMart. IT will convert your current currency live to the current ETN exchange rate and display this price. Combine with the VirtueMart Electroneum Payment Method for a smooth Electroneum payment experience.

Latest Version: 1.1

Changelog Version: 1.1

  • Currency Conversation Issues Fixed
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Pre-sale Question

With this plugin you can show a "live converted" Electroneum (ETN) price in your VirtueMart product details page and in the cart. It will convert live to the Electroneum API. 

You can also use shortcodes to show prices:

prices electroneum display

With this you can generate a "fluid" ETN price by in example setting a 20 EUR price and it will show the current ETN amount/rate.

This will generate a ETN price display like this:

electroneum price

We accept PayPal, 2Checkout & Electroneum payments:

We accept PayPal payments    We accept 2checkout payments  electroneum payment

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