We welcome VMuikit to its new home!

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VMuikit have been in the making for over 3 years and seen lots of updates since then. Quite recently it got support for the new YOOtheme PRO (UIKit3) templates which adds a new exciting dimension of use.

Saying goodbye to the old home of vmuikit.com we are happy to see a new revival of new functions for this package. We have many exciting plans for VMuikit the next few weeks and months.

Yesterday we finished up the new 4.5 package and the big change here is that both versions of VMuikit (there have been one version for Warp 7/UIkit 2 based and another for YOOtheme PRO/UIkit 3) have been joined into one. There is now a setting in VMuikit to switch between UIkit 2 and UIkit 3.

We are now dedicated to continue with new helpful feature and we have a long list of good implementations that would benefit the use of Virtuemart and YOOtheme to create great modern Webshops.

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