VMiZettle - iZettle and VirtueMart integration

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iZettle and VirtueMart integration

We have created a full integration with VirtueMart and the iZettle POS (Point of Sale) system. iZettle is a modern POS (Point of Sale) that runs on a Apple iPad or Iphone or Android handheld.

Learn more about iZettle from their website

Here is a feature list of iZettle:

Product library

  • Product images
  • Organize products in folders
  • Search to quickly find products in large libraries
  • Customise discounts for specific items or all in a cart
  • Product variants
  • Support for barcode scanning (iOS only)
  • Price per unit, kg, hour or any other custom unit
  • Import/export product details from Excel
  • Add discount shortcuts
  • Add discount to specific products (iOS only)
  • Add discount to whole shopping cart
  • Add comments to individual products
  • Add discount to whole shopping cart
  • Add comments to individual products

Inventory Management

  • Keep all your products in one place
  • Track products to see how they’re selling
  • View products by tracked, non-tracked and out-of-stock
  • Receive notifications when stock is running low
  • Manually edit stock levels with ease

Transaction history

  • Full and partial refunds (card or cash)
  • Browse and search among all transactions ever made
  • Export list of transactions to Excel

Payments (when used with iZettle Reader)

  • Contactless payments (including Apple and Android pay)
  • Chip and PIN payments
  • Chip and signature payments
  • Cash payments (available without iZettle Reader)


  • Customise receipts with business logo and contact info
  • Leave money in your iZettle account to process refunds
  • Decide when to receive deposits for card payments
  • Adjust payment settings in the app


  • Collect customer contact information
  • Export all contact information to Excel


  • Free, unlimited phone support
  • Free, unlimited email support
  • Get status info on iZettle systems and partners


  • SMS receipts including resend option (free of charge)
  • Email receipts including resend option
  • Compatibility with LAN and Bluetooth printers
  • Option to automatically print receipts
  • Order/kitchen ticket printing

Sales data

  • See sales reports by day or month and by staff member
  • Get data sent directly to accounting software
  • Export daily and monthly reports to PDF/Excel
  • Print reports using receipt printer
  • Print reports using AirPrint™ (iOS only)
  • See top selling products per day, week or month
  • See percentage of returning customers per day, week or month
  • See number of transactions and average value per day, week or month


  • Set up separate accounts for each staff member with limited access
  • Fast user switching (iOS only)

Accessory support

  • iZettle Reader, Pro Contactless, Lite
  • LAN and Bluetooth printers
  • Cash drawers
  • Barcode scanners (iOS only)


  • Automatic backups of all data stored with iZettle
  • Fully compliant with EMV, certified by PCI, and using TDES with hardware cryptography and HTTPS for all communication.


  • Works with iOS 9.0+ and Android 4.1+
  • my.izettle.com is accessible on PC or Mac computers using modern browsers


Download on App Store Download on Google Play

Please read more about iZettle on iZettle.com

Go to buy and download page: https://joomlapro.com/product/virtuemart-izettle


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