Maxi Menu CK for Joomla with YOOtheme Pro? Sure you can!

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Maxi Menu CK with YOOtheme Pro (Uikit 3)

The Maxi Menu CK has become the standard for Joomla CMS when a “mega menu” is needed. What is a “mega menu” then? Well its usually a multi row and multi column menu that drops down from the main menu. The columns can include multiple menu items and even images/modules.

For bigger websites and category trees for products/ecommerce it’s a really nice thing to have.

Checkout the Maxi Menu CK:

We have developed a theme that is 100% built on the UIkit 3 framework (works with all YOOtheme Pro templates and styles).

It’s a html override function so check out the documentation on where to put the files from the archive.





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