Electroneum Joomla/VirtueMart plugins

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Electroneum Joomla/VirtueMart Instant Payment plugins

JoomlaPro.com are not only web & Joomla enthusiast, we cannot stay away from checking other tech trends as well. The last few years its been hard to miss the crypto/blockchain craze. Hundreds, if not thousands of crypto and blockchain projects have past the last years – and most seem to not quite be able to get a good foot hold and release a usable and functional product. One project though, that grabbed JoomlaPros attention a little extra was the Electroneum crypto coin that had an extremely successful ICO in October/November of 2017 and had a very interesting roadmap for the mass adoption that have been lacking in Bitcoin and other large scale crypto projects.

While following Electroneum developing its products things fell into place and as API for vendors started to come from the Electroneum team we were quick at integrating and building Joomla plugins for this API. After all, this is what we have done for countless of projects/products in the past so we had a good understanding of what is needed.

We have so far built and released three packages with the Electroneum Instant Payment API integration:

VirtueMart Electroneum Payment Method
A VirtueMart Payment Method for the Electroneum Instant Payment API. (Free download)

VirtueMart Electroneum Prices
A VirtueMart plugin to display the ETN price on product detail and cart pages. (Free download)

Electroneum Donate Plugin
Simple Electroneum donation plugin for your Joomla website. (Free download)

After creation of these plugins and starting to use them on websites we started to think of creating a larger package of a full fledged eCommerce solution based on only free and available software. And so we did and this is now hosted on a separate website https://etncommerce.com is the home for this but the separate plugins are available (for free) download here on Joomlapro.com

Filter on Electroneum on the Start page to see them listed.

Update 2018-10-26:

We are happy to see the Electroneum team meniton us in a tweet:


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